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Nebula Capsule Projector

Nebula Capsule Projector


Do you need a projector that is mini and portable? Do you need one that has sharp images and sound? Then, this portable projector is for you! This item has over 150,000 happy members that bought this projector. Nebula is a brand that was created by the Anker Company. This projector is suitable for people, because of the display, speaker, design, and the Android 7.1 software. This is only the introduction of the projector which leads us to the display next.


First, this item was famously known for its display. According to Anker, it has a DLP display that brings 100 ANSI lumens and is 100 inches big. It would be great for playing movies since it acts like a cinema. For example, there is a difference between the Nebula and the computer screen. The Nebula uses a chip which is generally expensive while the computer screen uses liquid crystals which is cheaper. This is why the Nebula display is highly special than any other displays. The speaker is the next part that connects with the display.

This is relatable to the display, because the picture is also demonstrating the size of the display.
Citation:   (It can’t be cited)


Second, the projector is rich with the sound quality everywhere. The Nebula speaker has a degree of 360. It means that it can produce huge amounts of sound in every direction of a room. For example, let’s say that you’re watching a movie with this projector. It will allow you to hear the stuff that’s happening while you’re in a different direction of the room. The speaker definitely has volume adjustments whenever you need to change it. The design of the Nebula is the next part which allows the sound to produce everywhere.

This is used to demonstrate the 360 degrees of the speaker.


Third, the design of the projector makes it very portable for people. It has a handle which allows you to carry and it’s clearly the size of a can drink. For example, you might imagine the Nebula as a can soda! It’s that small when the height is 4.72 inch and 2.67 inch wide according to the description. Even though it’s portable and small, it can be a little heavier than a can soda, but not that heavy as the other projectors. For example, this projector only weighs about 1 pound compared to most of the other projectors which might weigh more than 2 pound. That means this projector has the best design yet ever created. The design inside leads us to the software of the Android 7.1.

This represents the size of the projector. Citations: “Free Photo Soda Bobbin Coca Canning Coca Cola Drink Coke – Max Pixel.” Free Photo

Android 7.1 Software

          Last, Nebula has a Android 7.1 which can connect with most of the contents flawlessly right from your device. It can connect with any content you want to watch in. For example, there is YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and more. These are the widely known contents most people watch on. The Android 7.1 software allows you to have app shortcuts, image keyboard support, and more. This means that the projector has the compatibility with all of the software specs. This is the end of the description which leads us to the counter arguments next.

This demonstrates that Android 7.1 is compatible with YouTube.

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Counter Arguments

          There is one negative review about the Nebula admitting the item is fake and that the seller is a fraud/scammer. This person is definitely wrong, because of the following reasons. First, people who buy Anker products demonstrate how to use it and are satisfied. Second, Anker will stand beside your product if there is one tiny mistake going on. Last, if you do have problems with it, you can return it or get an replacement when you send the defective item back. In conclusion, this person could have gotten their refund or gave the company another chance.

1st Conclusion

          In conclusion, the display, the design, the speaker, and the software compatibility is the reason why this product is so unique. The display would support up to 100 inches wide. The speaker has a 360 degree which would cover the whole room. The software allows you to have easier shortcuts on your device which is compatible with the projector. Last, the design is smaller than any other projectors and has a light weight. Are you interested in this projector with the unique design? Are you desperate for a bigger screen and brighter view of the type of movie you’re watching?

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2nd Conclusion

         In conclusion for the second time, this is definitely related to engineering. First of all, the exterior design has to do with mechanical engineering, because you need to cut the parts of the materials to put it together. Second, the Android 7.1 Software is also related to engineering. This is done by coding which programs the projector to be compatible with the Android 7.1 Software and how it connects with the device. So in conclusion, there are a lot of parts to be connected which is done mostly by mechanical engineering.

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Nebula Capsule Projector