Santiago Bernabeu Renovations


Real Madrid have always been regarded as one of the best teams in the world, and their stadium, the Santiago Bernabeu is no different. The president of the club, Florentino Perez, is planning a massive revamp and renovation of the stadium. It is planned to take 3-4 years to finish and will cost upwards of 600 million euros. I myself, are very excited for the new renovations, and the new stadium will be the center piece of Madrid. The president of the club says “It will be the best stadium in the world.” It is said to be the most high tech, safe, and new age stadium in modern “football” or soccer.

Santiago Bernabeu before renovations.

An important part of the project is constructing the stadium in a fashion which would allow the team to still play in it. Many people have doubts on whether or not the construction team would be able to pull off an extensive renovation while the team, and fans are in the stadium. But, these people can rest assured that the renovations will not be in the way of regular stadium functions. The constructors will be using roman techniques to lift the roof with more modern technology. They will be using hydraulic jacks, bridge technology, and ski lifts during the summer in order to not interrupt the sporting schedule. The first step to the renovations would be to demolish the surrounding area of the stadium in order to make space for the new stadium. The club have attempted to make renovations in the past, but were turned down.

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Bridge Technology
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Hydraulic Jack

The technology being implemented in the stadium, will be state of the art. They plan to have steel bands that can light up, in place around the stadium. There will also be a 360 degree scoreboard. They will also have a dedicated e-sports are, and an interactive club museum. The museum will be full virtual reality for some parts. There is also planned to be a shopping center, and a small hotel in the stadium. Some rooms will be facing the field. The bands around the stadium will be able to display video and picture in stunning fashion. The extensive debt of the renovations would cause them to be in debt for 35 years until they are able to pay it off. The club is projected to earn an extra 150 million euros each year in revenue.

This project is entirely related to engineering. The builders will need to use complex, and precise building techniques in order to lift up the inner ring of the roof, and input a retractable one. The titanium bands in place around the entire stadium will use state of the art audio and visual technology to sync and project the images being shown on the screen. Safety will be a prime concern, and the retractable roof, and titanium inputs will help. The 360 degree scoreboard takes complex design, and engineering to input the scoreboard.

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Stadium after renovations.

In conclusion, the upcoming renovations to this stadium will prove to be a difficult task, and a monumental one, when accomplished. The builders will be using complex building techniques and next generation technology. The new Santiago Bernabeu will be one of the most expensive stadiums, and modern stadiums in the world. The three and a half year project is set to be one of the largest renovations to a stadium in club history.