The Nike Adapt BB : Shoes of the Future

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The Adapt BB’s are the future of basketball. The Adapt BB’s take a whole new spin to basketball shoes. With so many cool and fun features these are guaranteed to attract those who like to stay stylish on the court. Without a doubt these shoes are the best basketball shoes created because of it’s fair price, comfort and its futuristic features.

In this video they test the manual controls of the shoe, play ball with the shoe on and split open the shoe to see what’s really inside the Adapt BB.

You’re probably wondering how much will this shoe cost if it’s as amazing as advertised. These are only $350 compared to Nike’s original Hyper Adapt which was set for $720 but those don’t include all the style and tech as the Adapt BB. $350 for an app controlled shoe and charging pad seems like a steal.

Another big reason this shoe is one of the best is because of how comfortable it is. As it says in the name, the shoe is adaptive to your foot. Using the Adapt app you can customize the fit of your shoe so it’s perfect for you. No more untied shoes or uncomfortable shoes.

Any shoe can be set at a fair price or can provide comfort but what makes this shoe unique and the best is the cool features it has. What shoe do you know has its own app? Well with the Nike Adapt app you can control the charge, lights, and fit of your shoe. Although the app isn’t necessary to use the shoe it does come in handy. In the app you can change the fit by sliding a button to make your left or right foot tighter or looser and will not change until you change the setting using the app or buttons on the side of the shoe. The charge of the shoe is amazing too, with a full charge you can supposedly last about 14 days.

This video explains how the Nike Adapt app controls your shoes and what it can do.

This product is related to engineering because for a fact the creators of this took a long time in order to get this done, the engineering process. Another way is that the product is an innovative take to a simple invention, a shoe.

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