The Basics of Slime Rancher


By: Justin Choi

Slime Rancher is a game where you catch and raise slimes to make money. Slimes are, well little balls of slime with adorable faces. Slimes produce plorts when they eat something, which is used for getting money and making slime inventions. Slimes come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, which makes them unique, as well as having powers that can be harmless or hazardous. This guide will go over the basics of Slime Rancher and how to start playing.

The simplest slime, the pink slime

A key part of Slime Rancher are the buildings you can construct for many different uses. A Corral is a pen for slimes which can be upgraded to have ceilings and higher walls. Chicken pens and farms are also essential as they grow food for your slimes to eat. Ponds provide fresh water and a home for puddle slimes, while incinerators burn things that aren’t needed, such as food, items, or slimes (if you are a terrible person). Silos are used to store items that you might need for later, like valuable foods or plorts.

A corral full of rock slimes.

Finally, combining slimes is a good, yet kind of risky idea. Combining slimes makes a largo Slime, which is a slime that has the traits of its components as well being bigger. Largo slimes are created when a regular slime eats the plort of another slime, making a combination of the two. Largo slimes create the plorts of its components, which can make you more money and extra plorts. The risk factor to this, however, is the creation of The Tarr. The Tarr are created when a largo slime eats a plort it does not produce. The Tarr eat chickens and other slimes, as well as rotting crops, which can cause huge damage to your ranch.

A Phosphor Tabby largo

This is the basic guide to slime rancher and the content it has. This only covers the basics however, and the best way to play slime rancher is to explore, experiment, and discover what the game has.

The Tarr

This is related to engineering because it many aspects of the game contains programming, such as the AI for the slimes and the tarr as well as other interactions throughout the game

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