Fortnite Traps


Fortnite is a battle royale game type that has unique guns, items, and healing stuff. Most importantly, traps. They have been annoying haven’t they? Well ill be explaining them in detail. First is the OG Damage trap. It used to be a 1 hit KO but it got nerf to deal 150 damage. Easy to set up kills from a distance. When entering a house, Look up, down, and to the sides to locate any damage trap ambush. Be reminded that traps can be destroyed by shooting or breaking the wall they are on. The Spike trap is a Green Rarity, making it common, but you wont always find one.

In game allied spike trap. Spike traps that were placed down by a teammate won’t activate on you.

Next is the Newly added, Poison Dart Trap. This trap deals 80 damage on activation and it takes 7 seconds to rearm. The benefit of this tarp is that it deals DoT or Damage over Time. Meaning it will deal a full 150 damage to you after the effect wears off. Making it as dangerous as the spike trap. The rarity is a Green meaning its Uncommon.

What The Poison trap looks like.

Next is the Cozy Campfire. It lasts for 25 seconds and Heals you. It heals you 2 each second. Total healing is 50, however, it does stack with other campfires. having 2 can fully recover 99 damage in your green health bar. This is a Blue rarity trap. Meaning it’s Rare.

In game cozy campfire.

Next is the Launch pad… need to say more? It launches you, allowing you to use your glider again, to get a far distance. It has infinite uses. This is a Purple rarity meaning its Epic. you wont find it as often.

Ingame Close up on the launchpad.

Next is The Mounted Turret. The Mounted turret is a turret tat can be only placed on a flat surface. Get on it and unload it on enemies. It deals 40 damage per shot, and it reloads in 5 seconds. It can be destroyed because it has 1000 hitpoints. That is the equivalent of 5 players with full Health and full shields. However, its turning speed is very low as being shot from behind will kill you, and snipers on the front can snipe you because of a slight head hitbox. This is a legendary Trap, meaning its very hard to find.

What the dropped Mounted turret looks like.

This relates to engineering because this game requires coding to make healing, glider redeploy, and how to jump off a bus work.