5G Wireless Network

5G Wireless Network

By: Jason Lim

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2019 is a new year to start. There comes the new 5G wireless network which is definitely much faster than the previous one, 4G. There are a lot of pros about this wireless network that most people are excited about. It’s a good news for gamers, because there is going to be no more lags on games that they love. It can download stuff on your phone seamlessly. It can lastly be powerful that it supports up to 1 million devices per square kilometer!

Now, 5G networks will be mostly common in your phones nowadays. It might happen from a software update or something else. Before 5G was even created, it had been created by the past wireless networks. For example, 2G, 3G, 4G has been around so that 5G can produce even better quality for people who use phones commonly. It’s a lot of dramatic change going on in this world and 2019 is only the beginning.

It also relates to engineering, because networks require coding by people. It also needs to be build inside a phone which requires a mechanical energy.

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