Samsung Galaxy Watch Active


By: Jason Lim

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Comparing the s3 frontier to the active.

Samsung is now famous for their upcoming new watch which is called the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. They made this watch as the new Samsung S10 was coming out. One of the specs are that this watch can detect up to 7 exercise features while it can track 39 more. It sends you alerts when you’re inactive obviously, because it allows to make you work out. It also have some features like detecting sleeping, breathing, and etc. This watch is durable and light which means that it might last a long period of time. Last, this is the best feature yet. It can be charged from the back side of your phone!

Of course, this watch has some added features from the previous watches Samsung has made. Samsung is now becoming more sharp imaged mindset, because they made a watch that can be wirelessly charged by a phone instead of the adapter it comes with it. But of course, it only works with the new S10 for wireless charging. Anyway, there might be a lot of changes in the future when Samsung invents these kinds of electronics today.

This relates to engineering, because engineers need to design the insides of the watch. It needs to be coded, has to have processors to make it function, and it needs to be set up by robots.

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