Nintendo Labo Kit 4: Nintendo Switch Meets VR


Nintendo Labo Kit 4 is nearly here! It will be arriving on April 12, and it is quite particular. A while ago, there was a leak that the Nintendo Switch would be compatible with VR. It was previously unknown whether or not this was true, but today we know that this leak is now a reality. This Nintendo Labo Kit will consist of five main games that you can build. Additionally, there are about a hundred smaller things, such as minigames, built in the Nintendo Switch Labo Kit 4’s cartridge. And of course, there is a Create mode, in which you can create VR custom games. There will be two bundles; one with the VR googles and one of the main 5 games, and one with everything. There will be many ways to play, as the Nintendo Labo Kit 4 releases April 12.

This is related to engineering because Nintendo Labo Kit 4 requires building, designing, coding, programming, and more.

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