How cool are Beats Solo 3 ?


The Beats Solo Wireless is a good built wireless headphone that sounds good in both wireless and wired beats. It has a comfortable cushion where the ears go. The battery life is the best feature because it last 40 hours. The design and colors of the beats is also pretty cool.

While, the beats are really good quality the cost is way too much. They cost almost $300. Other wireless headphones, such as the Air Pods or Samsung Earbuds, don’t cost that much.The sound quality is so good, when you put them on and play music it sounds like car with bass on full blast.

This is related to engineering cause the audio quality is great and loud. When you listen to the highest volume you wouldn’t be able to anything else! The beats are constructed to fold when you’re done using them and put them into the little baggie. However they are not built to be waterproof as of yet. However the pros out weigh the cons.