Airpods 2

By: Bryan Contreras

On March 20th, 2019, the new version of Apple’s AirPods was released. This new version looks and even weighs exactly the same as the first version.

They have made the paring speed twice as fast as it’s predecessor all thanks to the new H1 chip. The H1 chip gives you the “hey siri” feature. It also has wireless charging. It retails for 1$199. AirPods connect to your phone with Bluetooth, and a charging case is provided, which gives the AirPods up to 24 hours of use. The AirPods also have sensors in them that detect when they are in your ear, which make sure the music doesn’t start until the right time. Finally, the AirPods have motion detectors. Double tapping them will open Siri.

This relates to engineering because Apple has worked very hard in designing these earbuds. They have features that are easily accessed, and a great control system. AirPods are the next level of technology.