Focals by North: The Future Is Here


Photo Credit By TheVerge

Technology has came a long way, from phones to smartwatches to technology in glasses. The company North has recently made glasses that look like any other, but are bulky in the side and uses lasers to project multiple things. It has the functions of a notification system, you can use Amazon Alexa, call an Uber, use maps, and set a timer. It is more like an accessory to your phone. However, there are many downsides: the pricing is 600 dollars, and the perspiration glasses model costs another 200 dollars. Additionally, this is recommended to Android users, since it has poor support for IOS devices. In the messaging app for Apple, it works so badly that you can’t access the messaging app because of IOS issues. Also, when someone texts you in Apple’s messaging app, North responds to a default message that you are texting from North Focal glasses. Which would be very annoying for an Apple user. Thus, it seems to be, in general, a prototype. It often malfunctions, and you need to charge it every night. Other than all of that, North has an bright future in these glasses.

This accessory can help you scroll and press notifications for the North’s Focal glasses.

This relates to engineering because the smart glasses require coding, programming, and building to be made. Furthermore, it is a good example of modern innovation and technological advancements.

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