Terraia Hardmode Bosses

Terraia Hardmode Bosses

Terraria is pretty fun but have you ever wanted to beat it? Well go check out my other post about Pre Hardmode bosses then this one for details on what are in Pre Hardmode. The first boss is called “The Twins.” The Twins are 2 huge eyeballs that are connected by a vein-like rope. They are really hard since they both are different eyeballs with different abilities. One of eyeballs shoots lasers out. In its Second form once the player depletes its health low enough, it will shoot more powerful lasers at a faster rate. The Other eyeball on the other hand, has charge attacks and may spit out Cursed Flames. Once its health is low enough, it changes into a mouth where its pupil is suppose to be and spits out a long stream of cursed flames for about 5 seconds and charges like the Eye of Cthulhu but is faster and stronger.

The Twins. on the left is the Twin’s first forms and on the right is the Twin’s Second Form.

Next is a variation of the Destroyer. Like its brother, the Eater Of Worlds, it is a long worm that tunnels near the player, but it has drones that when you damage a segment enough it pops out and it shoots laser as at you. It deals a lot of damage but killing the drone is a good thing since they drop healing hearts. All you need is a sword and good armor to beat this boss. But this is still a pretty tough boss.

The Destroyer with its drones surrounding it.

Now the Last Mechanical Boss is a variation of Skeletron. Its called “Skeletron Prime.” Skeletron Prime has 4 hands and a spiked head that deals more damage. Each hand has a unique weapon. But is only equipped with a saw, a laser, a cannon and a claw. The laser and the cannon are both ranged weapons that deal a lot of damage with the Saw and Claw being melee weapons of mass destruction. Same strategy as Skeletron either aim for the head or the hands first. Be warned that if you don’t complete any bosses at night fast enough you’ll be one-shotted when it retreats.

Skeletron Prime Sprite in game

Once all Mechanical bosses are down, the Jungle will grow restless as Plantera Bulbs will spawn in the Jungle. Once broken, Plantera will spawn. Now trust me on this one… YOU NEED RANGED WEAPONS! I have personally fought this boss and it was painful without any range weapons. Try to stay far enough to shoot but when it gets close use your sword/melee weapon. If your low, back up and heal. It has 2 forms, Its first form grapples around while shooting pellets at you. The second form has its mouth open with teeth that hurts if you touch it. It begins going faster and charges you. This boss is difficult with no platform.

Plantera’s first and second form with the bulb only.

Once Plantera is defeated, the dungeon changes and you gain a key called “Temple Key.” This key is used in the jungle in a brown temple like dungeon as lizard men, flying snakes, and traps are there to kill you. If you make it pass that, you can see a alter of some sort. If you have looted the chests you’d have a “Power cell.” Use it on the alter to fight the Golem. The Golem’s first form is some what easy. All you need is some traps you got in the dungeon (the one you’re in) and just trigger the traps to beat the first form. The Second form is also somewhat easy but its head shoots at you while the body jumps around punching you. use the traps again and you’ll win the fight.

Golem Sprite In game second Phase.

After that you can explore even more of the jungle to see a blue mushroom area, you can catch some… blue worms? It has 999% fishing power?!?! It must be good right?… Wrong. This spawns Duke Fishron. This boss is very hard and is optional but it gives you good drops as it gives you a bunch of weapons. but be warned. If you lead it out of the beach biome, its attacks will be doubled/increased so don’t lead it away from the beach. Very easy with ranged weapons. But be warned of the second phase. The second phase is VERY deadly as all of its attacks are boosted and it can spawn tornadoes with sharks in them.

Duke Fishron In game sprite, First Phase.

When you finish The Golem, the dungeon should have changed. there are… people there? worshiping some kind of sigil… you don’t want any of it and kill the cultist… which actually put up a fight. but as you think its done… another cultist appears and absorbs the Sigil… introducing… the Lunatic Cultist. The Lunatic is actually pretty formidable, as its attacks are all strong. You’d need very good armor, a very good sword, a ranged weapon, and a platform with potions to actually fight the boss. Its very difficult as it can throw a ball of ice that spews ice shards everywhere, make clones of its self as you try to find the right one, shooting fireballs at the player, shoots a ball of lightning in a circle, shooting shadow flames at the player, and shoots 5 destructible projectiles at the player twice in a row. though it has 1 form, the more it takes damage, the more powerful the attacks get.

Lunatic Cultist in game sprite

Now once you’ve beaten The Cultist… oh no… pillars start to appear out of no where. There are 4 pillars. Stardust Pillar, Vortex Pillar, Nebula Pillar, and the Solar Pillar. Each has a protective shield that can be taken down if you defeat enough minions in that section. All are hard to defeat but once you have… it drops some Luminite and its own dust. Each set is for each class. Solar is Warrior, Stardust is summoner, Vortex is ranged, and Nebula is magic. But once all of them are defeated… Impending doom comes. here comes the Moon Lord. The moon lord is a difficult boss as it has 3 eyes that once “killed” pops out and follows the player and attacks it with lasers or charge attacks. Once all eyes are defeated how ever, its heart will open up. But that means the eyes will be problematic as they do a ton of damage with its laser. It can HEAL as a tongue thing pops out and leeches the life of the player to heal. Once defeated… you’ve beated the final boss… hooray! you gain a bunch of luminite, sometimes meowmire, sometimes a dolphin submachine gun and some other stuff. all are end game gear and you can do what ever you want.

Moon lord in game sprite, all eyes in.

This is part of engineering because 1) its a game that requires coding and 2) this game has technology that can be used in game like a teleporter and wires.