Nubia’s 4-inch Flexible Smartphone-Like Watch


Picture Credit From The Verge

Nubia recently announced its new alpha project. It is called the Nubia Alpha. At its core, Nubia has put characteristics of a smartphone – such as video chat, calculator, and watching videos – on the tiny screen of a smartwatch. It may sound good, but of course, every good product has its downsides. For starters, it has a very wide screen. It would also cost about 510 dollars (pretty expensive for a watch). But back to the good news.

This watch is planned to have a 5-megapixel camera, which is amazing for a watch. Furthermore, it has Bluetooth capability and modern specs. There is two models for this smartwatch, a cheaper model would be available which has Bluetooth so you can pair it to your phone. The expensive version would include SIM capability. So, it can be just like a phone. There will be two color schemes: gold and black. This smartwatch will be available to North America, starting in April.

This relates to engineering because machines like these require programming, coding, building, engineering, and innovation.

The link to the article from The Verge can be found here

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