Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography

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Imagine looking at a snowy scene with tall mountains in front of you. You are waiting to take the best picture at the perfect moment. This is an example of landscape photography. Landscape photography, among the numerous kinds of photography, is one of the most popular ones. It portrays the environment, nature’s scenery, and the outdoors. Landscape photographs are the best type of photography because they show the environment, are common, and many helping tips are available.

First, landscape photos show the environment. When taking a photo of nature, going outside is required. It lets one explore new places and be self-motivated to travel and view these locations. In addition, exercising comes from exploring outdoors, which benefits the photographer’s health. Also, capturing the scenery in a picture allows the photographer to see the change in the environment over the years. This helps determine what should be revised next in that area. The main purpose of landscape photos is to show the environment and scenery.

Furthermore, landscape photographs are one of the most common types of photographs. They originated in 1826 and 1827, when an urban landscape photograph was taken by Nicephore Niepce. Then, Carleton Watkins, most famously known for his Yosemite photos, showed his work starting in 1829. Over time, the number of landscape photographs increased, with more photographers displaying their work. Now, the majority of landscape photos are taken by smartphones. In fact, in 2012, 3.5 trillion photographs were taken since the Boulevard du Temple, 174 taken during that time. Many of these photos were taken on smartphones and many were photos taken of landscapes. These types of photos have been enjoyed for many years.

This photograph is of theBoulevard du Temple.

Lastly, there are many ways to improve landscape photography skills. First of all, lighting plays a large factor when taking a picture. To create a clear image, it is important to wait for the best lighting conditions before taking a photograph. Also, using a tripod to help reduce the shakiness of the camera, planning before taking the picture, and maximizing the depth of the location will improve the final product. The most vital part is experimenting with the result. All of these tips allow one to improve their photography skills to enjoy the activity more.

Some people say landscape photography is not the best type because it is difficult. According to the website First Man Photography, “Whilst it is very accessible, mastering it can take an entire lifetime. There are technical aspects that must be learned like compositions rules, camera setting and the exposure triangle.” However, landscape photography is the best type because it allows artists to challenge themselves. When they are satisfied with their result, they will feel accomplished with their photograph. In addition, the tips make taking the images easier.

In conclusion, landscape photography benefits people in many ways. It makes one feel accomplished, and if seen by the society, they can enjoy it. Starting from decades ago, landscape photography has always been valued. Viewing nature allows the seeing of change and the environment’s reality. Landscape photographs are popular, are beautiful to look at, and can be made easier to take than commonly thought. Landscape photography relates to engineering. First, math and physics are needed to design the camera. Also, there are photographic engineers, who combine engineering principles with photography. Finally, lighting, depth, distance, and angles all relate to engineering. The engineering design process is used when the artist revises their photo. Landscape photography allows the artist to experiment and not be afraid to fail.

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