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Terraria Pre Hardmode Bosses


So, Terraria is a 2D sandbox adventure game with bosses that may be hard or easy depending on the difficulty and quality of the players weapons or armor. Normal Mode is the standard terraria experience while Expert mode is for hardened veterans who have played terraria for a long time. But we are talking about the Bosses here. There are 2 kinds of bosses: Pre-hard mode and Hard mode. Prehard mode is when the player hasn’t beat the Wall of flesh that we will talk about later. These bosses aren’t that hard but for player who have just started its very hard. The first boss is King slime. King Slime is a big slime with a crown on it. It also has a Ninja inside it. It can jump on you to damage you a lot, shrink down and reappear near the player and spawn infinite slimes. This boss is fairly easy if the player has range weapons and good armor.

King Slime Ingame

The next boss is Eye of Cthulhu. the Eye of Cthulhu is a boss that has been buffed a lot. The original was easy as it only charged into you and summons eye servants. But in previous updates, in its second form when it has teeth, it has a charge attack which is very fast and deals a lot of damage if you don’t dodge fast enough. Even though its a difficult boss to fight against, its easy to build a platform to fight it on so you have more space and mobility.

On top is the first form of the Eye of Cthulhu and on the bottom is the second form.

Next boss can be swapped out with the Brain of Cthulhu but well do the Eater of worlds first. The Eater of Worlds can only be spawned in the corruption as its a giant worm with eyes all over its body as it burrows around the corruption. Its main attack is to just dig up and hit the player. but its special feature is that if you attack its body enough, it will break appear into smaller versions of the boss that are faster. To fight this boss, you’ll need good armor, weaponry, and some explosives to take out clusters. But this boss must be fought at night as if you fight it slowly it will insta-kill you when it retreats back into the sky,

Ingame boss fight.

Next is the Brain of Cthulhu. This boss can replace the Eater of Worlds. Both bosses only spawn in their own biome. The Brain of Cthulhu can be spawned in the Crimson. you need to break 3 “Hearts” to fight it. This boss, like the Eye of Cthulhu, has been buffed a lot. The original will just float around and teleport on you to kill you, but now it can make “Copies” of its self to Prolong the fight by making the player guess the right copy to beat it. It has 2 forms, the first forms have little eyes following it around. Once it sees the player, they lock-on to the player and attacks them. They are fairly weak however. Once all of the eyes are finished its second stage appears. the middle of the brain opens as it reveals a heart with an eye on it. to kill the boss, you need to damage the heart until it dies.

Brain of Cthulhu first form with no eyes,

Next is the Queen Bee. The Queen Bee is a boss similar to the Eye of Cthulhu as it charges and summons bees to fight but the one difference is that you must find the Bee hive in the Underground jungle biome. As you move through the Jungle, you must have a armor level of 10 or above since the enemies there are formidable. Once you find it, be careful of the Hive as if you break it it spawns bees to kill you if your not careful. once you have entered the hive, look for a cocoon looking bee that looks like a big bee. Once you break it the boss fight begins… but its fairly easy as you can use a gun to kill the Queen Bee at range while using a good sword to kill the Smaller Bees. though be careful of the honey. Even though it increases health regeneration, it will slow you down a lot. beating it is just like the Eye of Cthulhu but it doesn’t have a charge attack that goes at the speed of sound.

The Queen Bee’s Sprite

Next is a Boss that you must fight at night. It is at the Dungeon that is located at either side of the world. You must curse the man there as it will spawn it’s lord… Skeletron. Skeletron is a Hard boss as its hands and head are weapons. Its head can have spikes on it as it will charge at you slowly. Its hands can deal a lot of damage that can kill you quickly if your not careful. There are many ways to beat this boss however. Aim for the hands then the head or just focus on the head, simple.

Skeletron ingame sprite

Finally, we have the boss that you need to beat in order to go into hardmode. It wont be easy nor simple so be prepared. to summon this boss, you need to go to the depths of hell itself. Find a guide voodoo doll from a voodoo demon and throw it into lava… once you do that… it appears… the Wall of Flesh. The Wall of Flesh is a very hard boss without good equipment. You need to dodge its lasers its shoots, the eaters that stick to it, and have to avoid getting behind it as it will send a vine like tube to bring you back in front of it. You NEED a platform form point A to point B as it wont back up at anytime. You’ll need potions, Good Armor (like Meteorite) and good weapons like a mini-shark. Once you beat it, congrats… you’re now in hardmode… (This is part one, Part two explains Hardmode bosses). This relates to Engineering because its a game that requires a lot of coding to get all of these things to work.

The Sprite of the Wall of Flesh
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Terraria Pre Hardmode Bosses