Game Pigeon: Archery

Game Pigeon game options to send to someone via instant messaging

Game Pigeon is an application of apple mobile devices that allows its users to play fun games via text. One person texts another person a certain game and the other player plays their turn and sends the game back, waiting for the other person to play their turn. One of the games is archery.

You get a specific amount of points depending on which ring you shoot the arrow on. In this game, there is a best out of three rounds. There are three tries per round and the person who wins two of them wins the whole game. Also, wind speed and direction have to be taken into account when shooting the arrows. It is an extremely exciting game to play and is easily accessible.

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Two people playing archery with eachother

This relates to engineering because coding and technology communication skills were used to make this game possible. Without engineering, the unique characteristic of the game , will not be there and Game Pigeon would be like any other iPhone game application. A video and link has been posted below for more information about this cool game.

Two friends playing a competitive match of archery through their mobile devices