TSA Workers are Calling in Sick due to the “Blue Flu”

TSA Workers are Calling in Sick due to the Blue Flu

As you well know, a US governmental shutdown has been going on for two weeks, and many government workers are out of a job until the shutdown ends. But, some “necessary” workers have to work without pay until the shutdown ends, and they’re not happy about it. Many TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) are calling in sick, because well, no one wants to work without pay. They are calling it the “Blue Flu”, because of the blue TSA uniform.

For more information: https://www.popularmechanics.com/flight/airlines/a25776766/hundreds-of-tsa-workers-are-calling-out-sick-as-the-government-shutdown-rages-on/

This relates to engineering because TSA officers regulate the use of transportation in our country, and there is a type of engineering related to transportation.