InSight Has Landed!


Short for Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations,Geodesy, and Heat Transport, NASA’s InSight lander has finally landed. It is designed to study the inside of Mars, the crust, mantel and core. This information will answer many important questions about the formation of all rocky planets in our solar system including Earth. The lander will also measure and monitor seismic activity and meteor impacts on the red planet

The rover will use high-tech technology to delve deep into the planet’s surface to find out anything it can about the planets “vital signs” wich are its seismology, its heat flow, and other things. The InSight rover has also sent back some exciting new pictures to Earth.

This is related to engineering because it took many years of problem solving and hard work in order to make the InSight rover functional and ready for launch. The InSight rover may be the most recent thing to be on Mars today, but it will most defiantly not be the last.