Paper Airplane Controlled with Bluetooth


By: Estephany Espinoza-Tobar

Have you ever want an airplane that is connected to your phone will now you can connect the Power up 3.0 Controlled Paper Airplane will connect to your phone and it will fly. You have perfect control of how the airplane fly’s and where it lands.  All you have to do is crate a paper airplane and then put the include module and then you can see the path of the airplane you created on your phone. You will able to fly your airplane for ten minutes and up to a range of fifty-five feet and advanced Flight Assist technology means that even truly novice and beginner pilots can easily control the plane with a dedicated beginner setting on the app.  The kit comes with in-depth instructions that teach you how to build both basic and more advanced types of plane.

This relates to engineering because you create the airplane that you want and then put the module on your airplane and you are good to fly like a official pilot. This also relates to engineering because the people that made the module had to test and see how they wanted the kit to look like.