RVR Trailer Valet


By: Charlie Ackla

Have you’ve ever been in a trailer? How do you store your trailer? Most people store their trailers in their garages. Trying to store a trailer in your garage can be difficult. There is an easier way to complete this task. With the Trailer Valet RVR, you can easily store your trailer, or other vehicles in your garage or storage place. See for yourself.

The Trailer Valet RVR can lift up to 9,000 lbs! You won’t have to worry if your trailer or vehicle weighs too much. It comes with a remote control so you can easily control your trailer into your garage. The price starts at $4,399 and can be purchased on the website. Visit the website by clicking below.

The Trailer Valet RVR is an example of assistive engineering and mechanical engineering. It’s an example of assistive engineering because it helps you do a job easier. It’s an example of mechanical engineering because it has to do with vehicles.

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The Trailer Valet RVR comes with a remote control