Orange Line Metro Lahore


By: Farwa Khan

This is a metro in Lahore, Pakistan. The Orange line is the first of the three proposed rail lines that are in Pakistan, Lahore.  The line will span (16.8 mi)  (15.8 mi) elevated and(1.1 mi) underground.The line will be served by 26 stations and is expected is to holds about 250,000 passenger daily. Though it is frequently mentioned as a part of the wider China, Pakistan economic corridor,  the Orange line is being financed by the govt of Lahore. This a great thing for the people that live there, for some people is is close for them and some it’s far. these are the names of the  26 stations, Ail Town Terminal, Canal View, Hanjarwal, Wahadat Road, Awan Town, Sabzazar, Shahnoor, Salahudin RoadBund Road, Shahnoor, Thokar Baig, Samanabad, Gulshan-e-Ravi, GPO, Lake Road, Chauburji, Lakshmi Chowk, UET, Lahore Junction Station, Baghbanpura, Islam Bagh, Sholimar, Shalimar gardens, Pakiatan Mint, Mahmood Booti, Salamatpura, WadhaDera Gujran Terminal.

This relates to engineering because this is so helpful for the people to travel from a long distance a part. This relates to engineering because this is Engineering Types, Environmental Engineering, life hacks and Electrical Engineering.  there are 3 lines one o them are under construction.  Pakistan and China worked together to make this happen. 



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