The Interactive Dog Toy


Introducing Wickedbone, a smart new way to play with your pet. Unlike most other pet toys Wickedbone allows the user to play with their pet without standing up. The User can downloaded the app and use the joystick to control the movement of Wickedbone. Or if they are busy or don’t have time to use the joystick they can turn on the autopilot and Wicked bone will move by itself and is programmed to encourage the dog to interact and play with the bone.

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Wickedbone is great for those people who are constantly working and unfortunately don’t have a lot of time to play with their pets. Just put the bone on the ground and let the auto pilot mode take over. Engineering has played an important role on the Wickedbone and has brought this amazing invention to life, for example the wheels are interchangeable and act as the wheels for the bone. The outer shell is made to protect the brain of the bone from the dogs bite.