Google Home Mini Listens in on Owner

Google Home Mini, Google’s answer to Amazon’s Echo Dot, was released on October 19th. It is similar to the Echo Dot; it can play music and answer questions using the Internet. You interact with the device by saying “OK Google,” and then giving a command or asking a question, like “What’s the weather today?” The device isn’t completely ready yet. During the testing phase of the device,┬áthe Mini supposedly “listened in” on its owner. What this means is that the device was recording audio clips without the user’s knowing or consent and then uploading them to Google.

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An owner of the prototype Mini, reporter Artem Russakovskii, was a victim of this bug. He immediately informed Google, who discovered that the problem was in a faulty button on the Mini. The button was detecting touches even when there wasn’t anyone touching the button. Google immediately came out with a software release that disables the button on the Google Home Mini.

Source- Tech Insider

This incident is one that Google definitely could have avoided and will seriously hurt Google’s reputation. After all, Google is one of the few companies that we would allow to put a microphone in our homes. The bug has been fixed though, so the Google Home Mini should be fine to buy.

Click here to watch a video preview on the Google Home Mini