The Submarine Sports Car


By: Duncan Kelleher

A company called Rinspeed took a sports car called a Lotus Elise and modded the Elise into what they called the sQuba.  It is a car that can drive on land as well as the sea, It has a top speed of 75 MPH on land and about 4 MPH on the waters surface. It goes about 2 MPH when submerged underwater. The sQuba can dive up too 33 feet underwater, Rinspeed has already decided not to mass produce the sQuba because it was 1.5 million dollars to make.


Rinspeed Squba (2009) CAR review


The sQuba completely runs on electricity and weighs about 2,000 pounds. Riders must still were a scuba mask so they are able to breathe if the car goes underwater. When going into water the driver must press a button to start the propellers in the back of the car which move the car underwater. Rinspeed has modded the original car and have closed the holes in the car so water cannot get into the car causing the car to stop working. The sQuba is a great car for an amazing joyride under the water or on land.