#Solar Go-Kart Day 2 Background Research


By: Charlie Ackla

This is an electric go-kart powered by a 190 watt solar panel. With a Morning Star charge controller that’s connected to two, twelve vault 50 amp powered VB battery’s. Take a look at these two clips. 1st clip is of the materials used 2nd clip is the test drive.


This go-kart is made of metal and has a solar panel as the roof. It also has a chain for the wheels. Because it is made of metal, this go cart is stronger than the one we will build (made of PVC pipes). The battery, chain, and cords are all covered by a hood to protect it from the outside world. The hood was made to be safe because an exposed battery can be dangerous and the chain might get stuck if exposed.

One thing I would fix for both our go-kart is the material used, the supply of power, and the exposure to things around it. PVC pipes aren’t as strong as metal and other materials. Its a lot safer to have a stronger go-kart for the driver and for the people around the driver. Solar powered go-karts are great for the environment, no gasoline needed. But what if it was raining, or a cloudy day? How would you be able to drive it? I would try to have multiple power sources such as wind and water. So on a cloudy day, you can still ride around in your go-kart. Finally, the exposure to the outside world. Our go-kart doesn’t have a roof or any windshield or any protection whatsoever! I would have a windshield and have the solar panel be on the roof for more protection from high winds or things blowing at you while driving, that could be dangerous.

If you want to see how we will build our go-kart, watch this video.

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