#Solar Go-Kart Day 2: Background Research


Here are some links about how to build a go-kart:

This Go-Kart is made out of 4 pieces of plywood. It is not as strong as the Go-Kart in the video below, which is made of PVC pipes. It also has its battery exposed, which is not safe.

The Go-Kart below is made out of PVC pipes and plywood. It is reinforced by the PVC pipes. It is also a lot more stable than the Go-Kart above because it has PVC pipes wrapped around it. There are also less motors sticking out, which makes this Go-Kart a lot safer.

One thing that should be changed in both of these projects is that they should be powered by solar panels to reduce pollution and increase efficiency. Our Go-Kart will be powered by solar panels to save the environment. This will be a more efficient way to get around and travel short distances.

This is the link for materials: https://navinkhambhala.com/homemade-go-kart