Drink-Safe Ocean?


By: Charlie Ackla

What if I said the solution to world hunger and droughts, was… ocean water? I know, I know, ocean water is polluted and salty. With this exiting, cool new invention, you could drink ocean water, use it for farming, and food, and for baths and hygienic purposes. It’s true researchers in the UK have developed a sieve made out of graphene that may be able to filter out salt. Graphene is an ultra-thin sheet of carbon atoms organized in a hexagonal lattice. It was first identified at the University of Manchester in 2002 and has since been hailed as a “wonder material,” with scientists racing to develop inexpensive graphene-based barriers for desalination on an industrial scale. This is a development that could provide drinking water to billions of people around the globe!


Image result for graphene
Enlarged picture of graphene


This is an example of environmental engineering. Environmental Engineering is the application of engineering principles to improve and maintain the environment for the protection of human health and at-risk ecosystems. Like water, air, and land pollution.

This world changing discovery could have multiple positive effects. Such as water, air, and land clean up. Think of solar powered airplanes, thin, flexible, extremely strong phone screens, and of course, clean, salt-less water. See for yourself!


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