The Electric Car that runs on electricity and hydrogen.


The Holthausen Group, a gas supplier in the Netherlands, managed to increase the maximum range of Tesla’s Model S by implementing a hydrogen power source into the vehicle. This was difficult, but they made it happen, the vehicle now uses two power sources. This made it extremely efficient and it is now able to travel nearly 1,000 km, or 620 miles, with a fully-charged battery and full supply of hydrogen.

This relates to engineering because the company had to engineer how to implement the hydrogen power source into a Tesla. This was very hard for them and took many tries. It also grows closer to solving a problem that is very hard to solve, making the most energy efficient car. They probably used the engineering process to engineer their solution. They had to define the problem. They then did background research and picked a car. They then specified the requirements to solve the problem. Then they brainstorm, developed, and tested their solution until the vehicle accepted the fuel source. This also relates to normal life because if we could implement this into more cars, we could have a more fuel-efficient world. In the long run this would reduce emissions because we are stopping for gas or power less than usual.

Dutch Gas Company Hacks a Tesla Model S to Run It on Hydrogen