#Solar Go-Kart Day 1: Define The Problem Go-Kart


Students brought their solar-powered go-karts to a track in Tucson to do practce runs and safety checks to prepare for the race in late April. (Photo by Erica Apodaca/Cronkite News)

As known in the world it is being very polluted by gas. One of the only reliable energy sources is solar power. But how are we going to power a whole car by a small portable solar panel? Well, we found a way to increase the power to a power source so it exactly what we need to drive the car. But how will we go if there are storm clouds in the air?Related image

Well, when the sun is out you connect it to a battery and then it charges. It charges very fast and can keep a 500 watt car running. For as long as 20 MPH for 2 hours. Looking at the battery side and pollution saving that’s a really good start and you can keep filling up the battery so you might be able to get an extra mile or two. This way we can reduce the amount of pollution we are releasing into the atmosphere. Then the air will not get polluted and we can decrease global warming issues one by one. I think everyone would care due to the fact that global warming is going to kill us if we don’t put a stop it. More than 30% of the pollution in the air is caused by traffic or smoke problems from cars. Looking at how much the cost is it is coming up to about $160 and the maximum time we think it is going to take is about 12 days of class after all the supplies come in. We plan to put a milestone after every time we think we hit an engineering process square and we have basically 3 tests in the whole “Making of the Go-Kart” one is did we build the structure properly and can it hold our weight. Second test is; does the motor work and is the battery all set connected with the peed controllers and the throttle. The 3rd and final test is; Does it really work? Can a Solar Powered Go-Kart really be made?