Microcircuit Can Control A Cockroach


By: Sree Koganti

Every heard of war insects well it is true now. People implanted electronics into cockroaches to control them, and then they are trying to spy people with it. A whole new technology warfare is about to start and people are gonna be taking a major part in it. Couple of years ago they had to install bread boards to control them but now they  can wireless send them waves to tell them what to do. Basically the cockroach thinks it is a new magnetic field rotation that its suppose to follow and then it turns to the way and follows the waves.

cockroach microcircuit

The only problem with this is that if it goes over 2 miles range it will lose connection to the waves and after 10 uses of the cockroach it will go back to that earlier magnetic field of the earth and die in 2 days because it is too hard for its brain to process. This relates to engineering because it is Bio-Engineering as it is being planted into the cockroach for it to notice the magnetic type of field. ( The original bread board was larger, This was enlarged to show you the size but the real board is side of the leg. Watch this video to order your first smart phone controlled cockroach.

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