Fortnite Galaxy Skin


So the title of this post is the Fortnite galaxy skin what is it well to start off. Fortnite is a game that as of now has blow up the world by storm, no pun indeed anyway. So how did it get so poplar  is because not only was a free game but tons of streamers such as ninja, myth sypherpk, and many more played it . so your asking well so how did the game get popular well here the thing games like PUBG and H1Z1 they didn’t have building and when people saw Fortnite they got stunned because no other battle royale had building so that also help the game that we see today. but now to the point the Galaxy skin is a skin that is unlocked by buying  the Samsung note nine or Samsung tab 4  and they are very expensive coming at a price of  $750 dollars and $999 dollars but with that you get the skin and $125 dollars worth of vbucks which is the in game currency. And a tablet or phone but still very expensive. now once you buy the tablet or phone you have to first download Fortnite on the phone or tablet and then when you do that you have to login to you’re account or just a epic  games account and then you have to play 3 matches to acquire  the skin and then you should have the skin and if you don’t just call Samsung support and they should help. But there was a second way to get the skin for free and how are you going to do that is by going to a phone provider store like Verizon or team mobile  or a store like best buy or target and then you have to go to the phone area and tablet area and find Samsung devices. once doing that then go on the phone then go on Fortnite and connect your account then play 3 matches and it should be on you account in 24 to 48 hours but do note if you do the store method for free you can get you’re account banned or you’re Galaxy skin removed and really  it is illegal so the best way to get this skin and rewards are by   buying the tablet or phone.