How NASA is tracking disease outbreaks, from space!


More than one-hundred fifty years after physician John Snow set to work on the outbreak of cholera in London, NASA has created a new way of tracking the disease. Believe it or not NASA is using satellites to track and predict Cholera outbreaks on the ground. this tech will help doctors on the ground get to the site of outbreaks to help thew infected and stop the outbreak from spreading more. It will also help them get there and provide aid before the outbreak even starts! This will revolutionize how the world tracks and treats diseases forever.

The engineering required to make this system work would have required countless failures as well as having to have looked back on past dates in order to figure out how they could use a piece of engineering once used for only tracking weather, is now helping our world stop diseases. This just goes to show how good engineers can use old tech and re-purpose it into something brand new and revolutionary.


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