pencil printer


Are you one of those people that aren’t computer geek or just is not interested in the computer and the only reason you use it is that you want to print something out or an article. Well, I have the perfect solution for you. When you write something or find an article online you might read it and decide that it needs more work or if it’s not able to edit but you would like to edit it. there is something called a pencil printer.


WHAT ARE THE GOODS- the good uses of this is that it help reuse things and not waste pepper. For example, you could print a paper with ink and make a mistake but with this printer, you could use the pencil printer and you would be able to erase it.

HOW IT WORKS – SO this printer changes laser ink into lead powder then you could recycle it/ other the ink itself


THEN- the eraser is going to erase what was originally on the paper because remember its a printer that comes with reusable paper .

AFTER- Then the lead is burned by electricity which will eventually melt on the paper and create words of pictures and the one half erases and the other half prints.

How it relates to engineering is that it is mechanical engineering which involves battery’s and wires and critical thinking.