Remote Control Trash Can Day 12: Nearing the End


By: Lawrence Molinaro

We are nearing the end of completion of our project. We have yet to attach the motors, but after that we will need to find a battery and test it out to see if we have finished. So far we have added a frame for the base with a wood block to raise the trash can above the wheels. We have also added the Arduino technology onto the bottom and zip-tied the wires so they do not dangle around and get caught in the wheels. An issue we may have is the trash can and base being to heavy for the wheels. To help stabilize the wheels we have added metal pieces to keep them stable under the weight of the trash can. Once the motors arrive, we can test to see if the weight of the trash can is too much.

To construct the base, we used metal pieces from a previous robot that was not needed any longer. We connected them in a square and added wheels and gears. We then screwed a wooden block onto the base for the trash can to rest on. We screwed a metal sheet inside the trash can and then that to the block. We added the Arduino with all the coding we should need to make it run. We attached that with hot glue to the base. We cut metal sheets into five centimeter long strips of metal that we added onto the wheels to stop them from collapsing under the trashcan’s weight.