Circet smartwatch bracelet

Circet smartwatch bracelet

By: Kevin Donnelly


Imagine a world where a bracelet works as a phone, and instead of a surface they use a projector.

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Well Cicret is now trying to make it, and they want it to be able to do everything a phone can do. It can text, call, email, give directions, and video play games. The way it works is that the bracelet creates a projector that is touch sensitive. To turn it on all you have to do is turn your wrist. So far they have been able to start on the prototype of the bracelet. The company is now accepting donations for production, .They have raised over $500,000 in donations, which is over their goal. The company have gotten two renowned designers on their team to help with athethically. Hopefully the end product will be as intuitive, sleek, and helpful as the company has promised.

This relates to engineering because it needs a lot technology. And that the engineers will need to probably create or implement different types of technology that haven’t been used in this way before. They even have their prototypes to try out and the company should have fully released their first model in the upcoming years.