Plen Cube


Ever imagine of having a small personal robot in your house? Introducing Plen Cube, it is a portable personal robot that is cube-shaped.

Some of the features is, it has a camera that can track motions and face detection, it can play music, remind you of notifications, and tell you what the weather is like. Another thing is, the Plen cube has a full-HD camera, speakers, microphone, 360-Degree rotation, and a battery that is installed into the robot. In addition, the engineers have improved the robot by heat removal, wiring, facial and voice recognition. The robot is hand-free which it can follows the movements of you. To take a picture or video, simply use voice commands to the Plen Cube. Also, the robot can take a panoramic photo by rotating 360-degrees around the environment.

The cost of the Plen cube is $199. In conclusion, the Plen Cube is an amazing device that can do voice commands and much more.

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In my opinion, this is related to engineering because the engineers have to create ideas to build the Plen Cube. They also have to program the device but the problem is, they could have mistakes and errors during the process. So, they have to work together to fix those problems.