By: Margaret Doan

Need a device that can control your car options? Navdy is a portable device that is display onto your car. The features of this device is, it can display your speed, control music, navigation, and show notifications of your phone calls or text messages. In order for it to work, it needs an ORB II port, as it can determine the gas and speed. Also, it can tell how much gas you have left in your car and what speed you are driving. The price of the Navdy is $800. In addition, the display of the Navdy is full-color. The information is display on the ‘transparent’ screen allows you to read by a projector. Therefore, you can tell Navdy to read the text out loud or show the text only. It is controlled by your phone from using an app. The Navdy is a product that can control some parts of your car.

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This is related to engineering because the engineers have to work together to design the Navdy. Also, they have to program the device for it to work. The engineers and designers have encountered problems or mistakes while creating the device. At the end, they work together to find ways to fix the problems during the process.