Do you know how does the camera work? Have you ever had a camera in your life? Cameras are great and amazing inventions. They are used for a great purpose. They are used to make the moment immortal. Many people like taking pictures and you don’t need a camera to take a picture because of our great technology. Everyone has a camera in their phones but where did this invention come from? Let’s look at it’s history a little bit and how it works?

Johann Zahn designed the first camera in 1685. But the first photograph was clicked by Joseph Nicephore Niepce in the year 1814. Cameras are used for many different reasons. We started with taking black and white pictures but know we chose how bright a peoples picture should be or we make the background blurry meaning we have many different choices.

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How a camera works is A camera basically consists of a lightproof box that lets in a bit of light at just the right moment. Once the light enters the camera, it creates an image by causing a chemical reaction on photo film.

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This relates to engineering by learning how a great invention works and trying to make it understandable for your self.