#solarpanelrccar Day 10


So, we did it, after all the hard work, we finished. We learned how to solder in two days. We learned how to wire in one day, the progress we made is insane, and we did it. The first few days we didn’t know what we were gonna do, but then an idea came, and that is what we stuck with. I’m glad we finished and now we show it off. We had some problems, like getting the batteries to stay in place, or getting the solder kit to work. And trying to fix the signal because the car didn’t go far. But we overcame it all and are done. I’m happy because the challenges changed our minds, to let us think better. We did it though, thanks. Our car, which we started with is below (left):

This relates to engineering because we overcame problems and challenges and created new ideas to accomplish our goal.

And the final product (right):

Image result for rc car hummer h2