By: Margaret Doan

Ever feel tired of holding your phone just to take a video? Want a view of 360-degree of the video? Well, FITT360 is camcorder that can take videos in 360-degree. It was created by LinkFlow, which is part of Samsung.  The camcorder is a wearable device that is a necklace. The features are, it has three cameras on the device. Each camera are located in a three different locations; the front and the two sides of the FITT360. In addition, the wearable device has WiFi that allows you to livestream. Another thing is, for it to work, all you have to do is press a button. Therefore, it instantly starts recording a video in 360-degree. The FITT360 is water-proof as it can go underwater or on land. Not only is it a camcorder, it is a GPS and a headset. It can show you what route you are at and it has a microphone too. The price of the FITT360 is at the range of $370 to $600 depending on product. Your experience with FITT360 will be interesting.

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In my opinion, this is related to engineering because engineers have to design the FITT360 by creating plans and sharing ideas. Also, there could have been mistakes while building the FITT360. So, they have to work together to fix those mistakes and errors. Another thing is, they have to program the device for it to work.