When Your Laptop is Actually a Phone


By: Alex Lopez

Do you ever just use a phone to control a laptop?

Well, now you can, but you have to break your laptop and potentially destroy its inside. Basically, the phone goes in the place of the trackpad and basically controls all the processing etc. It makes it seem like the phone acts like an external controller. I mean, the keyboard acts normal and the speakers don’t seem to be limited to the phone. In addition, there seems to be a desktop interface and there is a cursor, which isn’t in most phones.

However, the entire thing is indeed operated/powered by the phone. If you take apart the model, there is nothing other than some speakers and a board. Here’s how it works. First, you remove the entirety of the inside of the laptop, using the tear-down below. This relates to engineering because it’s on how you can alter a computer to make it easier to control and use.