PhoneDrone Ethos

Want to capture a perfect view from using your phone? The PhoneDrone Ethos is a drone that is used by your phone. It is created by the company called xCraft which also appeared on a TV Show, Shark Tank. The features of the drone is, it has four propellers, sensors, processor, and the camera is used by your phone. The speed of the drone is 35 miles per hour. The drone can be control by another device from an app.  The price of the PhoneDrone Ethos is $399 USD. In addition, the Phonedrone Ethos uses a mirror to help the lens of your phone to point at different directions. The drone can follow you around or could set a pre-configured route. As, it can take photos and videos to capture your favorite moments. The PhoneDrone Ethos is a drone that uses your phone as a camera.

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In my opinion, this is related to engineering because the creators have to work together to create the drone. Therefore, the drone has mistakes and errors in it such as the program or the design. The engineers will make plans to fix the problems. Lastly, they use their creativity to create the drone.