Temi The Robot




Ever imagine of having a own personal home robot in your house? Well, Temi is a home robot created by the Company Roboteam. The home robot could do many things such as use video chat to communicate with your friends/family, play music, follow the owner around, and allow you to watch your favorite TV shows. The features is, it has a 10-inch screen, microphones, 60 sensors, and speakers. The price of Temi is quite expensive, it cost $1,500. Temi can listen to voice commands while using facial and voice recognition. In addition, it has a eight-hour battery life and takes about three hours to charge the robot. There is another option to control the robot like using a smartphone app in your phone. Using the app, you can help the robot know the rooms, control it’s movement, and much more. Temi is an advance home robot that was created this year.

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In my opinion, this is related to engineering because engineers have to programmed the robot. So the robot could use facial and voice recognition. Therefore, the engineers encountered mistakes and errors during the engineering process. Also, they work together to fix the problems and created ideas to make the robot better.