An Enzyme That Could Help Battle Aging

Telomere (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People age because when your cells divide to create more cells tiny parts of our chromosomes don’t make it and eventually they cant divide anymore. While this happens the only thing protecting our   DNA is endcaps called telomeres.

Researchers from UC Berkeley have discovered the structure of the enzyme telomerase this could lead to new advances in understanding aging and how to slow it down. Telomeres protect the important parts of our DNA and when our cell run out of telomeres our cells cant replicate anymore.  Other types of cells have parts that can keep making telomeres. Telomerase was discovered awhile ago but they were so complicated that scientist couldn’t understand their shape till recently. Researchers used new techniques called cryo-electron.

This discovery can lead to new medicines and therapies that can help slow and prevent aging. We can do this by trying to preserve more of our cells and for longer. Slowing down aging and fully understanding how aging works is still far away but this brings us a step closer.

This relates to engineering because a new development in technology led to a new discovery about cells in the human body that can lead to new inventions and ideas on how to slow aging which can lead to more discoveries.

English: Telomere caps he:תמונה:Telomere caps.gif
English: Telomere caps he:תמונה:Telomere caps.gif (Photo credit: Wikipedia)