The Progression Of Working The Solar Panel Charger #solarcharger4life


Welcome! Our group is currently in the progression of developing our DIY USB Solar Panel Charger, and the results are bringing more success! In order to have a guide to help us put together this solar panel charger, we used a reference resource tool to help guide us through the process and the steps. We have filmed and recorded a video, describing what materials are required to make our solar panel charger. We went through each step of the process of putting together the materials explaining exactly on how to assemble the solar charger. The following link below displays the following video in which we recorded. Our video explains the process carefully and precisely.


Our solar panel charger project is related to engineering because in order to be able to plug in the wires, it would involve electrical engineering. We used energy from the sun to charge our solar panels. Lastly, our project is related to the world by the fact that we want to be able to charge our cell phones in a way that is eco-friendly. We are trying to conserve the electrical energy that is used by using solar energy from the sun. Our hopes are that solar panel chargers will be more commonly used in the future to save and use electrical energy for other uses.