Photo Math: Photo Calculator


By: Kashaf Baig

Photo Math is an app that solves almost any math problem. The app works by taking a picture of the math problem. It scan the problem and lists it below, so the user can check to see if it scanned correctly. Then with the touch of the red box the answer will appear. It also tells you how the app got the answer to clear understanding.

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Photo math helps with homework or just any math struggle. It’s a photo calculator that can solve typed or handwritten math problems. The only thing that this calculator cannot solve is word problems. The app has not designed a software that can understand word problems. However they are working on it and say they will have it in the near future.

This relates to engineering because the app had created an invention that solves math problems. This specifically software engineering. It identified a struggle that many people had. Then it did research on that problem. Then the app was designed and created into something that million of people use.