Advancements of cars over time

Advancements of cars over time

By: Kevin Donnelly

English: A 1928 Model A Ford in front of Bowen...
English: A 1928 Model A Ford in front of Bowen Island Public Library, owned by Dan C. of Bowen Island. Français : Une Ford A de 1928 devant la bibliothèque publique de Bowen Island. Voiture appartenant à Dan C. de Bowen Island. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cars have been an integral part of almost everyone’s life in the developed world, here is a little information on the advancements of cars over time.

In 1886 the first car was made in Germany. There has been many advancements throughout time but there has always been the basic principle of having four wheels and a motor. Some changes from cars then to cars now include that cars now are safer, are more powerful and faster and include new features. Some new safety precautions include seat belts, speed limits, air bags, and protects you from crashes better. Some new features such as GPS, Bluetooth, seat warmers, air conditioning, and charging ports. Old cars were bulky and sometimes not flexible so even small accidents could cause casualties. Nowadays cars have some parts that are more flexible and protects you from crashes better than the old ones. Over the years the car has always been changing, you can tell by some of the self driving cars that exist today.

This relates to engineering because it shows how mechanical technology has changed, and how motors have developed and have become much better. It also shows how we can advance so rapidly as a species. It shows that we still have a long way to go before we can move on to different types of personal transportation.