Remote Control Trash Can Day 9: The Remote Controller



We have been working on the remote controller or RC part of trash can project. It will send signals to our trash can circuit which contains our Arduino UNO.

The Parts

Our controller device is made of 4 main parts. First is the extraordinary quality wood base that we found  from the deep mysterious storage of Mr. Smith’s workshop. The second is the breadboard circuit. An Arduino Nano micro-controller board is connected to the breadboard by using its pins delivered separately in the box. The third part is the joystick, a must have for a professional grade controller. The fourth part is the transceiver which uses Wi-Fi data transferring protocol.

How it works?

Our controller works by retrieving data from the joystick’s X and Y axes. It then sends the data to the Arduino which processes it and encodes it to make the transmitter be able to send it wireless.