By: Grace Kim

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Mitto is a water heater that can be used to replace water kettles. When you place a cup on the induction base, put the metal rod into the cup, and turn Mitto on, this device heats up the water. The rod is heated by the base, which makes the water hot within 60 seconds for cups and 150 seconds for kettles. Mitto can work on a variety of drinking devices. The stainless steel rod and plastic base with a glass top can be easily cleaned. The rod can be washed from a sink and the base can be wiped. Mitto saves energy by not producing unnecessary heat energy.

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This device relates to engineering, as it required the knowledge of science and math to produce this item. For instance, many engineers, such as chemical and mechanical engineers, worked together to invent this product. Miito relates to the world, as countless people use kettles every day and this item can replace those kettles. It can efficiently heat up water fast.

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