History of Arcades


Arcade games first started around the 1930’s and then became more popular throughout the years. In the 1930’s the first coin operated pinball machine came out. These earlier verisons differ from the current ones as these ones were made of wood. Arcade video games first came out in 1971 when a college student set up the game “Galaxy Game”, a coin operated version of “Spacewar.” This ranks as the first marked coin operrated video game. In 1978 the release of the hit game “Space Invaders” marks the beginning of the “Golden Age.” During the Golden Age video game strips sprang up all across the area. In 1980 Arcades started to fade out as home video games started to become popular. After this some arcades still exist today such as Dave and Busters or Chuck E Chesse.


This relates to engineering and the world because it takes engineers to build all these games and it relates to the real world because this was a time period that actually happended and video ganes are still popular today.